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Stanley High Curriculum Day

On Thursday, 22nd November, we were invited to Stanley High School to take part in a curriculum day.  We participated in an English, Maths, PE and Problem Solving lesson. It was great fun and we learnt lots! After our trip, we did a recount to describe what we had done.

English Lesson

"In English, we had to write about what you like and what kind of person you were. Also, we had to write about what kindness is. First, we had a picture of a person and a felt tip pen. I drew a picture of a dog because I have a dog. I also drew maths symbols because I like maths. After we did about ourselves, we had to write on lined paper and write what kindness is."- Kayleigh
"After break, we did PE. First we did relay races, basketball, then football. Did you know their basketballs are beautiful, bright blue? In the relay races, we just had the baton and hulahoops. Then they added ladders, something to jump over then something to crawl under. Then we did some tricks with the basketball. With football, we tried to score a goal and if someone missed, they would just boot it in!"- Ava
"For science, we did problem solving. We had two pieces of paper, one pair of scissors, cellotape, two balloons, four straws and two cups. We had to build a safe place for an egg and we worked in groups of five and four. Our group was a group of five and we worked really well. Eventually,  our egg cracked because we didn't blow the balloons big enough." Sofia

Maths Lesson

"Later on, we quickly went to maths because we were a little bit late.We did 2D shapes and 3D shapes. 2D are flat and 3D, you can see all around them. We had to draw the shape and write what they we used for." Logan

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