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Summer 1

Summer 1


Summer Term 1

Welcome back to our sunny Summer Term blush


A very warm welcome back to all of our children after the Easter break. We hope you all enjoyed the sunny Easter weekend.

We have lots of lovely lessons planned this half term. Please continue to use the phonics sheet given to your child at the end of last term as the screening test is not too far away. If you didn't receive one for any reason, please talk to Mrs Worthington at the start of the day.


In Science, the focus is materials. We will be looking at everyday objects,  naming and identifying the materials they're made from (wood, plastic, glass etc.) and describing their properties (waterproof, flexible, transparent, opaque, bendy etc.). We will be doing some simple comparative tests to find the best material for a fourth pig's house using our knowledge of fair testing We will be grouping materials using a Venn diagram giving reasons and explaining the best choices. 


In Topic, our focus is History and the title is School Days. We will be learning about how school was very different in the past. The children sat on benches behind their desks, all facing the front. There was usually a map and a picture of the King or Queen on the wall. The teacher would write on a blackboard in chalk at the front of the class. Boys and girls were often taught separately and sometimes there would be as many as 60 children in a class! If parents or grandparents have any old school photos, we would love you to bring them in so we can share them with the children.


Our RE question this half term is What makes some places sacred? We will continue to focus on the 2 religions of Judaism and Christianity. We will be looking at what makes a church and a synagogue sacred and understanding the difference between the terms scared and special. We will be looking at artefacts related to Judaism and Christianity to identify and sort. We will also be thinking about which places make us feel safe and why.


In PE, we will be focussing on athletics. The children will be learning how to throw to hit a target, complete long jumps and participate in team games. We are hoping if the weather is nice to complete some of these activities outdoors, so if it is a particularly hot day, please make sure you have applied sun cream and bring a sun hat.

Jubilee celebrations! 

The children enjoyed an early jubilee celebration on Friday. Each year group performed a dance and song from a decade. Year 1 had 1990-2000. We chose 'We like to Party'  by the Vengaboys. The children were absolutely incredible! They sang every word and remembered all the actions!!! We were so very proud of them all! 

Here is class 1LW all ready to party.

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