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Summer 2 - Get Out of My Swamp!

Due to the school closure during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have put together a 'challenge sheet' based on the topic we would have been doing in school at this point in the school year.  The final topic of the year would be "Get Out of My Swamp", a unit driven by a combination of English, Geography, DT and Music.  Throughout this unit, we would have been reading, exploring and discussing a variety of traditional tales, with the goal of knowing at least three of them by heart and being able to use the style and techniques in them to write our own adapted tale.


The 'Knowledge Organiser' below outlines what would have been covered, if school was open and lessons were going on as usual.  The challenge sheet below that incorporates as much as possible in the hopes that our pupils can have a go at some of these activities at home in a fun and practical way.  All they will need for most of the activities is a pencil or pen and paper.  Colours, paints, 'junk modelling' materials (brown bin 'rubbish') and a camera or tablet for research, as well as books, would all help to make these activities more exciting, but are not essential.


Please do keep in touch if you need any help in supporting your child with these activities and do continue to make use of the wealth of resources on our 'Home Learning' page (under the 'Parents/Carers' tab at the top of the page and linked below), as well as the school Facebook page and the page Miss Hughes has set up for the duration of the school closure (both linked below).


We will also continue to deliver Maths, Science and English "mini-lessons" daily at 1:30pm on Zoom.  Email us for the access codes.  We would also love you to share with us any pictures of and messages from your child, about the home learning they are doing.  The email address you need for this is


If you or your child feel the need for any support for emotional or mental health reasons, please look on the SNUG page of the school website, also linked below.


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