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Summer 2

We are now busy with SATs work, doing lots of activities that will help us to demonstrate how much we have learned during our time in the Infants. Soon we shall be getting ready for the transition to Year 3, which will be tremendous fun. We'll be going upstairs for all of our lessons! 

Arts Week 

We have been having a fantastic time this week! The children have been having lots of fun taking part in various activities with different teachers. On Tuesday we had a brilliant time at the zoo, looking at all the different animals. Again the children behaved well and there were some very tired little boys and girls on the way home! 


Wednesday was  a Year 2 and Year 5 swap day where four teachers each taught an activity with all four classes. The children enjoyed singing Lion King songs with me, making parrot masks with Mrs Beaver, doing digital design on the computers with Mr Hirst and art work with Mrs McFall. Both Year 5 teachers commented on how well the children coped with the activities and that their behaviour was great. 


We have also enjoyed African dancing taught by Mrs Woodward and observational drawings of some of the artefacts I brought back from my own travels to Africa. We were very lucky on Thursday afternoon to experience 'The Lizard Lounge' where snakes, a monkey, tortoises and chameleons visited school and some children even bravely held the snakes. 


Thanks to those of you who called in to see your child's art work after school. It was lovely to see so many of you view your child's creations. frown


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