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Summer 1 - Toys, Toys, Toys

Due to the school closure during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have swapped our Summer 1 and Summer 2 topics over.  We felt that our 'Toys, Toys, Toys' lends itself nicely to home learning, so we have put together a couple of 'challenge sheets' for our pupils to have a go at whilst at home. 


This topic is heavily driven by a combination of History, DT and Science, with links to our English and Maths. The books we would have been using through our English are 'Fixer the Robot'; 'Dogger'; 'Old Bear' and the movies Wall-E and Toy Story. 

The "Knowledge Organiser" above outlines what we would have covered, if school was open.  The challenges below incorporate as much of this as possible in what we hope is a 'home learning-friendly' format.

If your child wishes to continue their learning whilst at home and you are able to facilitate them in doing this, these 'Home Learning Challenges' are a great way to do this.  All they will need is paper and pencil for most of the activities.


Please do keep in touch if you need any support at all and continue to make use of the links and tips we are sharing in our 'Home Learning' page (under the "Parents/Carers" tab at the top) and on the school Facebook page ("Linaker Primary School Southport").  

We would love you to share with us pictures of and messages from your children, about the home learning they are doing.  You can do this via the Year 1 email address (


Don't forget, throughout the school closure your child can join us every afternoon for a Year 1 mini-lesson on Zoom, at 1:30pm.  There is also a Key Stage 1 story time session on Zoom each Friday at midday.  Please email us for access codes.

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