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Summer Term

Welcome to the Summer Term in wonderful Year 4!


We may not all be together at the moment but it is important that you know what we would be learning if we were in class. Maybe you could do pieces of work showing your independent learning and exciting discoveries and these could be placed on this page.


Today, Miss Jackson, Mr Davies and myself had a meeting using Zoom and we all spoke about how much we are missing seeing your smiling faces, hearing all your news and learning amazing things together in our lessons. I can only hope that we will all be back together very soon, laughing, having fun and learning.


Remember - you can contact us all whilst you are at home by e mail at


Keep well and stay smiling,

Mrs Evans






This half term the text we are going to be reading and using as the base for our History topic is The Story of Tutankhamun by Patricia Cleveland Peck. It is a fantastic read and I know that you will enjoy hearing about Tutankhamun and Ancient Egypt very much. Opportunities for writing can be found on our Home Learning page. 

It is important that you try and keep up with your home reading. Oxford Reading Buddy is a great resource to help you in this, especially if it is difficult for an adult to hear you read each day. If you have lost or forgotten your password for this, please e mail staff on the e mail address above and we can send you an e mail with it.

An idea for Writing is to try and keep a diary of what is happening at the moment. You could include details of your thoughts, feelings and activities you are doing so that in the future you could remember what happen in the Spring of 2020.If you do this, use fronted adverbials of time, place and how along with powerful expanded noun phrases - not only will it make for an excellent piece of writing but it will also this will keep the reader focused and engaged.

Further Writing work can be found on the Home Learning page.



In Maths No Problem the topic which will be covered over the next few weeks include Decimals, Money and Time. All Maths lessons can be accessed through Parents Guides found o the Maths No Problem website. Ask an adult to send an e mail to to request to be able to be added to the Parental Guide list. Maths No Problem will then e mail the adult to let them know what to do next. It will only take 1 minute to complete - promise!

Please continue to learn to times tables and division facts - it is so important that you keep working at these as they are so very important to help you calculate Maths problems in real life. Times Tables Rock Stars is a fantastic learning tool, where you are given many opportunities to help you learn and remember these. I have sent out challenges to many pupils and as yet, no one has responded. Come on Year 4! Try and beat the teachers.

Additional Maths work can be found on the Home Learning page.



We will be investigating 'Forces and Magnets' this half term. Mrs Robertson is adding lessons week by week to the Science section of Home Learning. Have fun and I look forward to you all telling us what you have discovered when we return to school. 



This half term we will be exploring, investigating and learning about Ancient Egypt. This is a really exciting topic and I know that we are all going to learn so much about Egyptian times. Whilst not at school, try and complete independent research about this topic - you could complete a mini project and send it to us, so that we can upload it onto the website. On the Home Learning page, you will discover resources and ideas to help you in this work.



In Art, we are going to be exploring 'Portraits'. You may want to complete a self portrait or a portrait of your family or pet. These could be completed in pencil, pen, felt tip, paint, chalk anything else you can find. Take a photo and sent them in and we can make a gallery for your work.

Other ideas for Art work can be found on our Home Learning page.




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