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The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Viking and Anglo-Saxon Drama Experience

"I think Sarah had good acting skills." Craig 


"Sarah was good at pretending to be different people." Kobie 


"Sarah had good knowledge on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings." Jack


"Sarah told good stories." Sayida


"I enjoyed it when Sarah came out from behind the curtain, dressed as different people." Katie 


"I liked that we had different costumes and different varieties of outfits." Nikola


"I liked when everybody did the different poses; they looked like battles!" Mihai


"I enjoyed looking at how people had made their costumes." Joe M


"My Mum did well making the costume for me. Thanks Mum!" Tyler


"I made my costume out of furry coats!" Sienna


"I made my costume using an old Frankenstein suit and cardboard." Joe B

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