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The Dark

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

Plop is a baby Barn Owl. He is the same as every other baby Barn Owl that has ever been - except for one thing. He is afraid of the dark.

We loved the story of Plop and how he was able to overcome his fear of the dark. What a growth mindset he had!


In 2EL we have been text detectives, looking out for how the author uses adjectives and adverbs and have created great story maps to help us retell the story.

Mrs Lavelle's class were so worried when they received a message from Mrs Barn Owl saying that Plop had become so brave that he'd flown away from their family tree and couldn't find his way back. They said they'd help Mrs Barn Owl by writing a description of Plop using exanded noun phrases. Some of us even added similes to our descriptions!

The Great Fire of London           

When we came in from lunch we were shocked to find a basket of bread in the middle of the carpet, alongside a huge envelope addressed to 2EL. We were even more shocked that inside the envelope were seven more envelopes, numbered with the word 'clue' written on the front. We opened the envelopes one at a time to try and work out what had happened and why.


Have a look at some of our ideas below.

As we got to clue 6 and 7 everything started to piece together. On the map we noticed that there was a mark saying Pepy's home, then we noticed that's the man in clue 5. On clue 7 there was a yellow mark showing where the fire had started. Some children were able to compare this with clue 6 and found out the fire started on Pudding Lane. We found out the fire spread so much by looking at clues 2 and 3. The houses were close together and made from wood. We also found out  that it had been very dry in London but it was very windy causing the fire to spread.

Science - Living and Non-living

We were very lucky to be visited at the beginning of this half term by one of Mrs McFall's 'perfect pets'.... her hen, Bess!  We studied Bess in our Science lesson to help us to explain what makes something a living thing (remember my friend, Mrs Gren).  We could see that Bess could move, breathe, eat and even expel waste! We're pretty sure that Bess is alive.  Look how much fun we had with her!


This week in computing we learnt about programming. First, we gave each other commands (instructions) to move around the room. When we had mastered that we had a go at programming the beebots. We could do this really well but we had to say; "DON'T FORGET TO PRESS CLEAR!"


As a real challenge we had a go on Blockly games. We started off easy by matching animals, pictures and their characteristics. We looked at how the pieces joined like a jigsaw.

When we'd mastered that we moved on to programming around a maze. We still had to match the commands like a jigsaw. This got trickier each time. Mrs Lavelle needed our help to get the spaceman to his base!

Some very special visitors

On Friday (30th November), we had some very exciting visitors. This tied in very well with our most recent story, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. Can you guess who it was?

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