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The KS2 Reading Challenge

The KS2 Reading Challenge is a competition running throughout Key Stage 2 to promote reading at home and reading for pleasure. Children should be reading at home regularly, as part of the home-school agreement. However, we have decided as a key stage to recognise the effort and time put in by parents and children with home reading and so have created the reading challenge. 


Reading can help children improve their writing, vocabulary, spelling, concentration and is great for helping activate children's imaginations. 


For every read a child completes at home, they are ticked off on a class chart- displayed on the classroom door. The target number of reads this term is 40 reads. At the end of the term, each year group with have a special morning devoted to celebrating the efforts made in reading. Any child who exceeds the 40 reads will be entered into a prize draw to win a book voucher.


Happy reading! 


Miss Chambers

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