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The Learning Mentors and The SNUG

Missing You


Whilst we are all away from school, your mentors have been missing you and hoping that you are all well. Did you know that you can get in touch, even whilst you are at home, by using the SNUGs very own email address - ? Here are a couple of things that might help you fill some time at home - a leaflet with some ideas for Mum and Dad and a bit of a competition that we'd love you to get involved with!


Everybody Worries (added 19-5-20)


We have come across this fantastic picture book that you can read online. It's great for children and adults to share and talk about how even if we do all worry, things will be ok in the end! Click here to read the book.


Calling all Linaker Superheroes! (added 15-5-20)


Your mentors know what superheroes you all are but have been wondering what your costumes and powers would really look like. Have a look at the SNUG Superheroes leaflet below and get drawing - we can't wait to see you pictures!


Vanessa and Claire are our Learning mentors. They work as part of our safeguarding team and with groups and individual children to support them and their families. They are available to all children during drop-in times (break times and lunchtimes) and are happy to help and support in any way they can. 

Click the links below to see what they do. 

School Nurse

Our school nurse, Zoe, will be in the SNUG on the first Wednesday of each month between 2.45 and 3.45. She's here to offer advice to any parents/carers about the health and well-being of their child. No need to make an appointment - just drop in. If you would like to speak to Zoe in between these times, please speak to Vanessa or Claire who will be happy to put you in touch with her.

Our SNUG is a very special place

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