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The Linaker Curriculum

The Linaker Curriculum is driven by our core values and our belief that our children deserve the very best learning experiences that we can provide. In providing our pupils with a richness of experience and vocabulary,  we believe that we give them the best possible chance of becoming independent and enthusiastic lifelong learners. Keeping the core subjects of English and Mathematics as discrete areas (whilst linking them closely with the wider curriculum), we look to integrate the majority of the remaining curriculum areas into a coherent and engaging thematic approach. Through the school year 2019/2020, the first version of our curriculum plans for each phase / year were developed. These were aligned to the National Curriculum and driven by our Linaker Values.


Following our Ofsted inspection in the Autumn term of 2021, we have undertaken a further revision of the curriculum, driven by a desire to carefully identify and sequence the knowledge that we aim for the children to acquire through their time at Linaker. Using a combination of commercial schemes which we are adapting to meet our local needs and plans that we have written ourselves, we have further developed a curriculum with reading at its core to meet the needs of our amazing pupils.


Further details of the curriculum can be obtained on the specific subject pages and the year group pages. If you have any questions at all about what the children are learning and why, please do come and speak to their class teacher in the first instance. 

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