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The Magic Paintbrush

The Magic Paintbrush

When the greedy emperor hears about Shen's magic brush, all he can think about is gold. Shen, however, is determined to only paint food for the hungry and clothes for the needy. But how can a little village girl match an emperor's mighty power?


"I order you to paint a tree,

and make it very big.

Instead of leaves, paint golden coins

a hundred on each twig."

Week beginning 16.1



Today Miss Boyle's writing group received a letter from Shen, the little girl in The Magic Paintbrush.

She said she would love to come and visit our school so we could ask her, her mum, the old man and the Emperor some questions.


Here are some of the questions we asked:


Did you make the paintbrush?


How did you get so rich?

How do the colours on the paintbrush change?

Who made the magic paintbrush?

Where did you get the paintbrush from?

What’s your real name?

Why did you want Shen to paint a tree with money on?

Do they give you food in jail?

Why did you give the paintbrush to Shen?

Why did you get shouted at by the Emperor?

How did you get the magic paintbrush?

Week beginning 23.1


In Science we have been learning about materials. We have looked at different materials, sorted them by material and then their properties. Miss Boyle's class were taught some actions for each property by Miss Crossley. Can you remember any of them and tell your grown ups? We discussed why different objects are made from a certain material.


Show your grown ups the actions for...








Can you remember any more?


In 2MH this is what we did...

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

In Linaker we celebrate our multinational links. As the February half term falls near Chinese New Year we focus our activities around China. To start off proceedings we received a huge crate full of Chinese food. The children enjoyed tasting prawn crackers, spring rolls and other chinese food... so did the teachers.

Thank you, Miss Crossley.

Miss Crossley, a first year Edge Hill student, has been teaching in 2EB for seven weeks. On Monday it was her last day. All of Year 2 want to wish her well and say good luck! We will miss you!

Design Technology

In DT we designed, made and evaluated a pet toy to add to Shen's toy shop. We started off by looking at some existing pet toys and how they were made. We brought in things from home to make our toys.

First we designed our toys and thought about suitable materials for them. Then we made them. Have a look at some of our work below.

When we had made our toys we evaluated them. We thought about what was good about our toys and what we would improve if we were to make them again. Miss Boyle's class realised that real pet toys were not made from household goods. We thought about what materials would be used if the toys were made in a factory. We began to use some of our new words from Science to describe them, such as; hard, flexible, transparent etc.


Then we showcased what we had made in our classrooms. We had lots of fun looking at all of the great work.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High