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Thursday 15th July

9.00am - Log onto Zoom for register and English

We are going to write a short letter to Mis Jackson to ask her the questions we came up with yesterday. We are also going to tell her all about us and what we like to and are looking forward to in Year 3. As always, a pencil and paper will be needed :).

Lesson ppt

Writing a letter to your new teacher

This is aimed at Year 3 and 4 but still works for our lesson as extra help.

1.00pm - Log onto Zoom for Science

I (Mrs Cain) promised 2EC that before the year was finished, we would learn about the water cycle, as the class had lots of questions about it when we were learning about the monsoon season in India, and why countries along the Equator are very wet. 

Today, we are going to learn (in simple terms) about the water-cycle. After the Zoom session, I would like you all to have a go at drawing and labelling the water-cycle and then explain it to somebody at home. 

Water-cycle drawing

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