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Thursday 19th November

Thursday 19th November


New sound 'ee’ ‘what can you see?’ -remember two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'ee’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Recap of previously taught sounds this week Powerpoint and green words to sound out (links back to yesterday) - attached powerpoint below that we used. 

Looking and listening to the initial sound in the word - Powerpoint attached.

Geraldine the Giraffe 'ee’  -


Home learning morning task ...

Please complete some of the letter formation sheets from your home learning booklet. Practise holding your pencil correctly and forming your letters. 

Maybe you could make a list of words you think of containing the ay , ee and nk sounds. e.g. see, bee, link, play ... etc



 Months of the Year song to start with - 

Is it number 8?

Spot Number 8 in the environment. Look at pictures - think - Is it 8? Thumbs up/down. How do you know? - look through Mrs Howard's Powerpoint together. Look at the pictures and discuss. 

Look at Numicon pieces. Can we match the numeral to the correct piece of Numicon? 


Home learning task for the afternoon...

Look through your home learning pack. I would like you to complete one of your pages in your number formation booklet. Then, find your Numicon task sheet. If you have scissors, cut the numicon out (or a grown-up could help). Put the Numicon in order from the smallest number to the biggest. To extend this, maybe you could pick a piece of Numicon e.g. Number 8  and then find 8 things to match it. 


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