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Thursday 21.01.2021

Thursday 21st January 2021


Here are this week's spellings: 

Can you fill in the missing letters? 


1. av_ _ l_ble

2. av_r_ _ _ 

3. a_ _ _ ard

4. barg_ _ n

5. br _ _ s_ 

6. cat_ g _r_

7. cem _ t _ ry

8. co_ _ i_ _ _e

9. co_ _ unic_ _ _ 

10. co_ _ unit_



9:15am Zoom- Quiz apostrophes (plural possession), task setting and discussion


English Activity-  Imagine you are Oran, write a postcard home from Earth and tell your family and friends what Earth is like. Challenge yourself to use ambitious adjectives and relative clauses


Example: The beach, which is filled with weird, grainy sand, is a great place to visit on a sunny day! 


Grammar Activity- If you're still not sure on relative clauses, click here for an oak academy lesson and revision activities.  


Postcard- WAGOLL

This is an example of a postcard (for another task) written by a Year 5 Pupil from another school. 


Maths Activity- MNP Unit 5, lesson 7- Line Graphs. 


MyMaths- Click on the links below to access the tasks we have set. These can be used to help you understand your MNP workbook or as an extension task. HINT- if you don't have your MyMaths log-in to hand, click 'practice' to have a go anyway.

Line Graphs

Distance time graphs

Line Graphs and Two-Way Tables

Real-Life Graphs


Mrs Gray/Mr Tilley's Group- The next page in your booklet


1:30pm Zoom- RE- Main beliefs of Hinduism


Go through PPT on the Zoom- what are the four main beliefs of Hinduism? Write notes as we discuss. 


BBC Videos here


Watch the Video- The cycle of birth and rebirth. Discussion- good karma. What is it? What sort of things can you do as a child to ensure good karma? What sort of things can you do as an adult to ensure good karma?


Watch the video- Meeting two young British Hindus. Discussion- what different things make up you as a person? Hobbies/religion/family/interests. Either draw yourself as a jigsaw with the things that make you unique or write them as a mind map, or draw yourself and write the different things around you. 


Extension- How could you ensure good karma in your life?

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High