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Thursday 28th January Ch 8 Lesson 1


LO: To be able to recognise four basic 3-D solid shapes: spheres, cubes, cuboids and pyramids.


During our next few lessons, we will look at different types of 2-D shapes and some basic 3-D shapes. We will be looking at the properties of basic 2-D shapes and some solid shapes. We will learn to group shapes according to different criteria, which will also lead to recognising, describing and continuing a pattern, as well as generalising patterns. There is a 3D shape mat below to help you.


Today we will be looking at 3D shapes. You might want to collect some 3D objects from your home ready for our lesson.

We will be watching the Oak Academy lesson together, so our lesson might be a little longer than normal. Click here.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 141-142


Afternoon Activities


Science- LO; To identify what vertebrates and invertebrates are.


Lesson 2 of Oak Academy – The Animal Kingdom. Click here


In this lesson, we will be learning about the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates. All animals can be classified as either invertebrates which do not have a backbone or vertebrates which have a backbone. We will be identifying different animals from these classifications.


Independent work; 

Write two sentences – One to explain what a vertebrate is and one to explain what an invertebrate is.


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