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Thursday 4th March Ch 11 Lesson 3


LO: To be able to develop number sentences based on word problems; to be able to improve the use of number bonds and one-to-one bar model representations to suit the question.


Today we will be finding out whether a question is asking us to add or subtract and how you know. You might need some cubes, counters, or anything else to help you count. We will also be finding out whether drawing a picture might be helpful and how we could do this. We will be using number bonds to help us, by splitting 2 digit numbers into tens and ones, for example; 14 can be split into 10 and 4.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 27 - 28


Afternoon Activities


Today is World Book Day. We would like you to dress up as your favourite character from a story and share your favourite story with us in this afternoon.


We would love it if you can send us a photo of you reading in some funny places, in funny costumes or your world book day costume. You might even be reading your story to your teddies or your brother or sister, your cat or your dog! Please send them to our Year 1 email address, we would love to see them!


We have a lovely Read- Aloud story called Bye Bye Balloon to share with you.

Click here to listen to the story.


We would like you to think about where your balloon would travel to. Think about all the continents in the world your balloon could visit. Here is the song all about the continents that we sang together last term to help you remember some of them. You can click here to listen to the song again. 


Maybe your balloon would go to a beach in Australia or the Jungle in Africa or Asia. Perhaps your balloon might go somewhere you would like to visit or somewhere you have been on holiday?


Independent work;


Draw a picture of where your balloon travels to. Write some sentences to tell us what it is like there. You could try to use some adjectives in your writing to describe what it is like, eg;

My balloon went to a jungle in Africa. There are tall trees. The trees have big leaves. There are giraffes with long necks.


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