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Thursday 21st



We will do this together on Zoom at 9.45am.


Chapter 7 - Lesson 3


LO: To be able to add the sum of the ones to the ten, by separating the ones and the ten.


Today we will be learning to group objects into 10 and then count on the ones. For example; 11 sweets add 6 sweets. First group 11 into

10+1 and then add 6. We will be looking at number bonds to help you make 10. There is a resource below to help you.


Independent task - Workbook pages 125-127




Afternoon Activities


We will do this together on zoom at 1pm.



L.O. To identify what a living thing is. Click here


Lesson 1 of Oak Academy – The Animal Kingdom


In this lesson, we will be learning about living things and the features of living things. All living things need to be able to breathe, produce waste, grow and change, feed and reproduce. We will then finish the lesson looking in more detail at different types of diets that animals may have.


Independent activity: Draw and label three different living things.

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