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Thursday 25th February

Welcome to Thursday!

Please see below for your home learning activities for today.


Understanding the World - Science - Physical Processes - Day and Night

We are going to be continuing to learn about Daytime and Nighttime. Today we are going be focussing on what animals come out in the day and what animals come out in the night.

Animals that prefer to come out in the daytime are known as Diurnal.

Animals that prefer to come out in the nighttime are known as Nocturnal.


Something to think about with your grown up...

Are humans diurnal or nocturnal?


On zoom we will look at diurnal and nocturnal animals and find out why they prefer to sleep when they do. 


Your activity is to make a little bed for one of your stuffed animals. Decide whether your animal is diurnal or nocturnal and put them to bed at the correct time.

Make sure to send any pictures to

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