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Thursday 26th Nov

Welcome to Thursday!



Our lesson today is 'Number Shape Subtraction to 10'. You will be subtracting using number shapes to work out your answers, we will recap how you use numicon in our zoom session.


You can start today's activity with a quick game with your grown up, click on the link below to be taken to the page.

Now you can complete the worksheet in your packs. 


We are focusing on phonics today. In our zoom session we will be focussing on the special friends 'igh'. Please use the link below to practice reading words containing 'igh'.

Children are then to continue with the booklet from the previous day, looking at the park page. This time you will be using the sentence stem, 'I might.......'

You should write at least 3 sentences using this format.

e.g. I might have a picnic.

       I might play football. 

Make sure not to forget capital letters to start your sentences, finger spaces between your words and ending your sentences with a full stop.


This afternoon you are going to become artists and create a drawing. 

Linking in with your History work this week with looking at toys and drawing Winnie the Pooh in school a few weeks ago, you are going to spend the afternoon drawing your favourite toy. 

You have two options (or you can do both), you can either draw and colour your own favourite toy from home or you can follow the artist in the video below to draw your very own 'Forky' from Toy Story 4. Make sure to send your creations in to the Year 1 email,, for your teachers to see laugh.

How To Draw Forky From Toy Story

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