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Thursday 26th November

Thursday 26th November

Welcome, register and song whilst everyone joins. Tricky words  -



New sound 'ar’ - it is a diagraph. The picture is ‘start the car’ -remember they are special friends. Two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'ar’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Look through green words (featuring ar). Sound words out.  Powerpoint attached.  You can have a try writing them at home if you want to.

We played Obb and Bob - thumbs up if it is a real word and thumbs down if it is a alien word. All words have the 'ar' sound - 

You could play this again at home. 

We looked through our blending Powerpoint attached- used fred talk to sound the words out and then used our fred fingers to spell the words. 

Geraldine the Giraffe 'ar' -


Grownups - we mentioned about bringing in some wedding photographs. Please put them in a named envelope and bring them into school either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. We will have to let them quarentine in a box for 48 hours before we can get them out to look through them.


Home learning morning task ...

Initial sound matching booklet from your home learning pack and your pencil control booklet. 

If you get time, please draw me a beautiful wedding dress or wedding cake - we can look at pictures next week as part of our topic. 


Welcome, register and counting to 20 song - 



Loking at coins and notes. 

Powerpoint attached - looking at the coins in Wolfie's purse. 

The prices in the shop have gone up by 1p. Find out what 1p more than each price is. Show me on your board. 


Home learning morning task ...

Look at the coins and notes around your house. Draw what coins you find. 

Play the toyshop game - 1ps up to 10p. Then try using mixed coins as a challenge! 



Thank you message from Wolfie

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