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Thursday 14th January 2021


9:30am Zoom- Continuing the text- The Boy from Far Away

Independent task: 

If you had your own pair of boots, for you and your circumstances. What would they be like? What would they do?


Write a short description of your boots, using at least two embedded clauses and adjectives.


Serena tore open the neatly wrapped parcel. Inside was… a very special pair of boots.


Serena carefully lifted them out. They were a beautiful, glittery pink colour (her favourite!) and lined with a soft purple fluff. Serena ran her hand over the lovely fur, desperate to try them on. Her feet were always cold, but these boots would be sure to keep them warm! The boots, which had a thick tread, had special lights on the back. These will be great for walking my dog, Alfie, in the evening!” exclaimed Serena.


Can you spot the embedded clauses and adjectives?

If you can't remember what an embedded clause is, use the help sheets below.

Maths- MNP Unit 5 Lesson 3- Reading Tables Page 113


Extension task: MyMaths- Time

1:30pm Zoom- RE- Hinduism

We will watch the Oak Academy lesson together and complete the activities. If you are not on Zoom, you can watch the lesson here, and complete the activities yourself.

Independent task: Questions posed in the video, answered in the orange exercise book. 


**Bonus Session** 

We will be finishing session 1 of our dance in PE (from Monday), so make sure you've got a bit of space and your dancing shoes on! 

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