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Thursday 4th February

Welcome to Thursday!

Please see below for your home learning activities for today.


Understanding our World

Today we are going to be looking at the Rainforest Habitat. We will be looking at a PowerPoint together on zoom telling us all about Rainforests, including what different animals live there, what the weather is like and what plants can grow there. See below for link to the PPT.

Your activity is to have a go at creating your very own Rainforest. 

See below for different ideas or feel free to come up with your own...

Make a Rainforest in a shoe box...

Draw a picture of the Rainforest or an animal that lives there and use natural materials such as leaves, sticks etc to decorate...

Make a Rainforest using playdough...

We would love to see your Rainforest habitats, please send pictures to to display in our gallery.

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