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Thursday 4th March- World Book Day

Tasks for today:


1. Read, read and read a bit more!

2. Complete a reading-based activity in your orange books/paper

3. Complete a Reading quiz on Oxford Reading Buddy or Reading Plus

4. Send me a picture of your crazy reading

5. Have a go at the 'Masked Reader' quiz. Do you know who is who?!


There are lots of ideas on the World Book Day page (linked above). 

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Katherine Rundell

IMAGINE A WILD ADVENTURE with Katherine RundellIf you were to go on an exciting and wild adventure, where would you go? Maybe your place is made up, or maybe...

1:30 Zoom


Reading 'Skysteppers'


Possible task: 


INSPIRATION 2: lOOK UP! CREATING SKY-SCENES Katherine talks about how we always forget to look up. She describes her own adventures on rooftops in Oxford, finding mystery items and imagining people who live above.


• Take a moment during your day to look up. Maybe you can see lots of tall buildings, or perhaps just a few chimneys. Maybe you can see birds and trees. At nighttime, maybe you can see the moon and the stars! Draw a sketch of what you see when you look up.


• Once you have created your sketch, populate your scene with new details from your imagination. For example, you could add a mystery item or object. Or you might want to add a character or two. Use your sky-scenes to inspire your ideas for an adventure, just like Katherine’s Skysteppers!

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