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Get Out Of My Swamp

To start our new topic, we enjoyed a 'Fairy Tale/Traditional Tale' day. We came in dressed as our favourite characters. During the day, we enjoyed describing our character, counting the different fairy tales in Shrek, using our senses to describe a swamp and lots more!


Thank you grown ups for providing the children with their fantastic costumes!

Mrs Lavelle and Mrs Hopgood were super sneaky on Sunday night. We crept quietly to Shrek's swamp and scooped two, enormous buckets of swamp water up to bring to school. Using our senses, we thought of adjectives to describe the swamp. The children especially enjoyed testing out their touch sense!

Have a look at some of our costume descriptions.

Hello Yellow 2021


Today (8/10) 1NH took part in a challenge to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day. Our class decided to Pass a Smile. The children had cards with smiley faces that they took around various parts of the school and passed on to other children and teachers. These smiles were then passed on again and so on. We looked at how far a smile could travel and the children were SO excited with the results. The wonderful smiles reached classes in both KS1 and KS2, it reached welfare staff, office staff and even the bus driver who took a class swimming! Many children took their smiles home for other family members, even hiding them in lunchboxes as a special surprise. It was a lovely way for the children to see how something as simple as a smile and brighten someone's day. Remember everyone...KEEP SMILING smiley

The Gingerbread Man

Today (11.10), we came in to something very strange after play time. Tables were upturned, chairs were on the floor and there were crumbs EVERYWHERE! We did find a clue though - a piece of paper, tied up with a red ribbon. We tried to work out what had happened. Then, PING! Mrs Lavelle and Mrs Hopgood's laptops were sent a very strange email - CCTV from the security cameras. Take a look to see what had happened.


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Then, we untied the ribbon to see what had been dropped. It was a map! We looked closely and realised that it was the school grounds. We spotted the snug, Reception, the climbing frame and even the secret garden! In the top corner, we spotted a bright, red cross. X marks the spot! 


We followed the map, finding clues along the way. Look at what we found at the end.

Clue 1

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Clue 2

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Clue 3

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Clue 4

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After reaching the spot marked X, we found a basket with a note, books and... The Gingerbread Man! We sat under the sun shelter and listened to the story. 

Run, run as fast as you can!

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Our own Gingerbread Men



In history, we have been learning about castles and their features. We found out lots of interesting facts and then had a go at labelling a castle ourselves. Can you remember the features? Have a go at telling your grown up what each part of the castle is for.


For homework, we asked you to get creative and have a go at making or creating a 3D castle. This could be a den that you build and take a picture of, a model made from old cardboard boxes, a picture you create using computer software or even a castle built out of Lego. The choice was yours!


Have a look at some of the fantastic castles. Well done, everyone! yes

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