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Transition from Year One to Year Two


On Wednesday 12th July our Year One children will be meeting their new Year Two teacher for the first time. They will spend the day with their teacher, getting to know them and the new classroom.

We are so proud of all of the Year One children and the progress they have made this year. We would like to wish them every success as they begin their new adventure to Year Two.

Welcoming the Reception children to Year One...


The reception children came for a day in Year One on Wednesday 12th July. They spent the day with their new teacher, making things and exploring their new classroom. To make their transition to Year One smoother, the Year One children  thought it would be nice to welcome and reassure the reception children about Year One. Year One children created booklets about 'what it is like to be in Year One', made them a card each and decorated a tasty treat to give to them.


We held a question and answer session on Friday 14th July. The Year One children answered some of the children's questions and they told them about Year One. Reception children particularly enjoyed hearing about 'Golden Time' in Year One! After the session, the Year One children gave each reception child a card and a decorated biscuit.


We hope the reception children are excited about coming to Year One!

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