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Tuesday 17th November

Tuesday 17th November


New sound 'nk' 'I think I sink I stink' -remember two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'nk' sound and previously taught sounds.

Blending - attached powerpoint below that we used. 

Geraldine the Giraffe 'nk' sound - 



Home learning morning task ...

Diwali - understanding why some people celebrate Diwali

Search 'Oak academy' click on 'find lessons' , 'Early Years Foundation stage' , 'Understanding the World' and then  'Diwali' and click on lesson 1. Link attached below.



Number 8 is our focus number this week.

Watch Numberblocks number 8  -

Numberline work - put your finger on 8. What is one more/one less? 

Number formation - powerpoint below. 

Find me 8 things - have a look around the house to find 8 things. Lets count them together!


Home learning task for the afternoon...

Oak academy - 'early years foundation stage' - 'maths' , 'numbers within 10' lesson 2 - 'recognising and counting within 8'

Number formation - look inside your home learning packs.  Can you find number 8? Practise writing it. 


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