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Tuesday 19.01.2021

Tuesday 19th January 2021


Here are this week's spellings: 

Do you know what each word means? Look it up, and try to use it in a sentence in your orange book. 

There will be a test on Friday as normal. 

1. available

2. average

3. awkward

4. bargain

5. bruise

6. category

7. cemetery

8. committee

9. communicate

10. community



9:15am Zoom- Spelling activity reminder, sharing what we know about Oran from yesterday's task, recap on relative clauses and task setting. 


AM Reading task- Share what we know about Oran from yesterday.


Write 5 sentences about Oran using relative clauses- we will recap relative clauses on the Zoom. Here is a powerpoint and help sheet. (Mrs Gray's group 3 sentences minimum please.)




Can you find the relative clauses (and relative pronouns) in this paragraph? HINT: Some are fronted, some are embedded. 


The sun was beginning to disappear behind the nearby mountain.  Philip’s heart sank as he knew he was lost. The group of climbers, who Philip had started out with, were nowhere to be seen. Philip shouted for help but it was hopeless. While there was still a little light, Philip tried to make himself a bed using leaves and twigs. The temperature, which was now close to zero degrees, could be extremely hazardous. If he couldn’t find a way to keep warm, he would be in serious danger.  It was going to be a long night.

Grammar Activity- Click here for your Oak Academy grammar lesson on apostrophes. Follow the video and complete the questions and quiz at the end. 


There will be a quick quiz in tomorrow's Zoom.

Maths Activity- MNP Unit 5, lesson 5 - Line Graphs pg 117-118


MyMaths- Click on the links below to access the tasks we have set. These can be used to help you understand your MNP workbook or as an extension task. HINT- if you don't have your MyMaths log-in to hand, click 'practice' to have a go anyway.

Line Graphs

Distance time graphs

Line Graphs and Two-Way Tables

Real-Life Graphs


Mrs Gray/Mr Tilley's Group- The next page in your booklet


1:30pm Zoom- Marking MNP book and History


Martin Luther King JR


Today (in honour of Martin Luther King Day 18.01) we will be learning about MLK and the impact he had upon recent history. We will look at a video and powerpoint in the Zoom lesson and discuss. 

Independent Task- Your task today is to complete the sheet about Martin Luther King's Speech. There are 4 different things for you to write about in your orange book. 


Extension task- Create a fact file about Martin Luther King JR. 

Independent task

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High