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Tuesday 26th January Ch 7 Lesson 6


LO: To be able to subtract a certain amount of ones from 10 rather than from the ones, as there are not enough ones.


In today’s lesson you might need a Tens Frame (you can just draw one) and some objects to count. We will be learning to subtract, where the subtraction has to take place from the tens rather than from the ones.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 133-135


Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to watch an episode of Pingu.  Then we will think about the structure of the story - the beginning, middle and end.  We will use the storyboard below to tell the story out loud.  

Your independent task is to write the story, following the storyboard.

You can make it easier by writing one sentence for each picture.

You can challenge yourself by writing in more detail, and even changing the character of the seal to the animal that you wrote about in your fact file yesterday.

I can't wait to read your fantastic stories smiley

Story Board

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