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Tuesday 2nd February Ch 8 Lesson 4


LO: To be able to make patterns using common 2-D shapes.

In today’s lesson you will be looking at different shapes and colours and finding the repeating patterns. For example; red triangle, yellow triangle, red triangle,……what will come next in the pattern?

We will look at the Mind Workout together. You can have a go at the Maths Journal and the Review 8 if you want to after the worksheets.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 148-150


Afternoon Activities

Who has been to the North Pole?

L.O. To learn about the people of the Arctic and how they survive.

In this afternoon's lesson, we'll be thinking about the Arctic, but this time instead of thinking about the people who came from far away to explore it, we'll be learning about the remarkable people who have lived there for many years. We will learn about what their lives are like and how they survive in such harsh conditions.


Independent Activity: 

Think about what you have learned from the Innuit people and from Matthew Henson. If you were going on an Arctic expedition to the North Pole, what would you pack in your suitcase or bag? Draw the things you would take and label them!

Power point from today's lesson.

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