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Tuesday 2nd March Ch 11 Lesson 1


LO: To be able to decide whether addition or subtraction is the most appropriate operation; to be able to use and apply number bonds and visual representations to solve word problems.


In the following lessons we will be solving addition and subtraction problems using bar modelling as the primary strategy for solving word problems. We will be reinforcing and using number bonds and simple bars to represent word problems. We will specifically be looking at how many more or how many fewer/less.


Today we will be looking at problems while using counters or cubes to help us. First we will be trying to find out whether we need to add or subtract. For example: The girl is taking the flowers out of the pot; she is wondering how many flowers there are in total eg; There are 15 flowers and the girl takes 3 out. How many flowers are there left in the pot? You will need cubes, counters, or anything else you can use to help you count.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 23 - 24


Afternoon Activities

L.O. To recreate impressionist art.

In this afternoon's lesson, we will be learning about Impressionist art. This art was made many years ago by a group of artists who were called the Impressionists. Today we'll find out who they were, what their work was like, and why it looked the way it did! We'll even learn how to create a piece of impressionist art and have a go ourselves.

Independent Activity: To use the skills we saw in the 'how to' video to create a hot air balloon artwork in an Impressionist style.

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