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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February 


9:15AM Zoom- Macbeth introduction and video A1S1, MNP Guided Practice and task setting. 



1. hindrance

2. identity

3. immediate

4. immediately

5. individual

6. interfere

7. interrupt

8. language

9. leisure

10. lightning


This morning's tasks:

1. Spellings- Week 6- Do you know what all of your spellings mean? Can you use them in a sentence?

2. Oak Academy- Historical Context

3. MNP Unit 6, lesson 13



The Weird Sisters (1 of 8) | Macbeth | BBC Teach

For teachers' notes and more: Scotland in the 11th century. Macbeth is leading the...

MyMaths Tasks: 


(these have been allocated to your class already, but you can also access them below)


Introducing improper and mixed fractions

Improper and mixed fractions


Below are some revision activities: 

Comparing scalable fractions 

Introducing equivalent fractions

1:30pm Zoom- History 
The activity for this afternoon is to either write a description of Elizabeth I or read the letter above and write a response as Mary. 

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