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Tuesday 24th Nov


Our lesson today is about 1 more and 1 less.  We have already covered this in class. Please watch the maths lesson - link below, as a reminder.  There is a worksheet to accompany the lesson, please download it if you can, and complete it as the video plays.  There is also a sheet in our home pack to complete after the lesson, it is called 'Number Bows - One More and One Less'. If you child needs support to complete the sheet, write out the numbers 1 to 20 along the top, they can then use as a number line.  If your child finds the sheet easy write some bigger numbers on the back of the sheet, challenge them to find one more and one less for these numbers.

Here is the sheet that you can use to join in the video lesson.


We are focusing on phonics today.  In the class zoom we will look at the special friends 'ee'.  Please use the links below to practise reading the words containing 'ee'. 

Also the children should complete the first page of the booklet 'What can you see in the home?'  This booklet is in your home learning packs. Encourage your child to write sentences with the format,

'I can see a...'. 

e.g. I can see a dog.  If your child needs a little more challenge ask them to include an adjective in the sentence (a word to describe the dog or other object)  e.g. I can see a hungry dog.

Encourage your child to write at least three sentences.  Remind them to use a capital letter to start the sentence, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end.

Phonics 'ee' read the words


We are going to continue thinking about toys in our History lesson today.  After our afternoon zoom I would like you to watch part 2. Click on the link below.

Once you have watched the lesson draw 2 large circles.  Label one 'electronic toys' and the other 'non-electronic toys'. Draw 2 or 3 examples in each circle.  

I would love to see your work.  If you can email it in to


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