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Tuesday 24th November

Tuesday 24th November

Welcome, register and song whilst everyone joins. Tricky words song today - Words we cannot sound out! Have a little watch again... 


New sound 'oo’ ‘poo at the zoo’ -remember they are special friends. Two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'oo’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Look through green words (featuring oo). Sound words out.  Powerpoint attached.  You can have a try writing them at home if you want to.

We played Obb and Bob virtually today. Thumbs up if its a real word for Bob and thumbs down if its a alien word for Obb - 

You can play this at home too!!

Geraldine the Giraffe 'oo' -


Home learning morning task ...


We miss you all lots. So in your pack, please find the wooden photo frame. Use a mirror to look at your features - think; what colour are my hairs? What colour is my hair? Then have a try drawing yourself. You can label body parts too e.g. head, neck, nose, lips


Welcome, register and counting to 20 song -


Write numbers 1-10. Look at the order. What comes before...? What comes after...?  Once you have done this, draw the correct number of dots to represent the numeral e.g. one dot for number 1.

Powerpoint attached- looking at the tens frames that we looked at yesterday. Yesterday we said verbally how many of each colour. Today we are going to write at number sentences to show different ways to make 9!

As we had so much for playing bingo yesterday, we will play bingo again. Get your grids ready and pick nine numbers between 1-15. 


Home learning task for the afternoon..

Oak academy lesson - 'Numbers within 10' - lesson 8 - 'Placing numbers within 10 in order'. 


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