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Tuesday 2nd March

9:15AM Zoom- Macbeth discussion and  MNP Guided Practice and task setting. 



This morning's tasks:

1. Reading Buddy/Reading Plus online (to replace spellings)

2. Oak Academy- Complex Sentences 

3. MNP- Worksheet 17- Multiplying mixed numbers (MyMaths reminder here)



MyMaths Tasks: 


(these have been allocated to your class already, but you can also access them below)


Introducing improper and mixed fractions

Improper and mixed fractions

Multiplying fractions

Ordering and simplifying fractions (Y6)


Below are some revision activities: 

Comparing scalable fractions 

Introducing equivalent fractions


1:30PM Zoom- History

Your task this afternoon is to write about the differences between poor and rich people in Elizabethan times. 


You can look at the statements (in the work document) and decide which is describing the poor and which is describing the rich. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself and use the headings to write about the differences regarding different life aspects (such as education/food etc). This is also shown on the next sheet down. 


This can be written straight into your orange book, or printed at home and you may write on the sheet. 

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