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Tuesday 12th January 2021


9:30am Zoom- Introducing the text- Footprints in Space (The Boy from Far Away; read and discuss together). We're going to read and discuss pages 6,7 and 8 this morning. 


Independent task: There’s lots of speech between Oran and Joe on page 8. Can you imagine a short conversation between the two characters in a new place? A park/school?

For a reminder on the rules of using inverted commas for speech, click on the help mat below.


MNP- Unit 5, lesson 1- Reading Tables, Page 109


(If you need more practise with converting between 24 hour and 12 hour clock, complete Time 2 on My Maths.) 


Extension- MyMaths- Two way tables (this has been allocated to you as a homework) 



1:30pm Zoom-History


Mark MNP workbook pages 109 and 110. Share some English work. 


Independent task: Please answer the 'Follow Up' questions on the sheet or complete the wordsearch 
(the words to unscramble are on the previous page). 

We will read this text together on Screen Share. If you would like to read it before the lesson, please click the link below.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High