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Today we will start on a new chapter.  In this chapter pupils will learn different ways to add and subtract numbers within 20.


We will do this together on zoom at 9.45am.

Ch 7 Lesson 1

LO: To be able to add by counting on from the largest number.

You might find it useful to have at hand some objects to count with and your maths bookmark as we will use a number line.

You will be learning to count on from the largest number. For example, 8+3=. We already know that we have 8 so you don’t have to count from 1 first. Put 8 in your head and count on 3 more.  8……….9,10,11.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 119-120


Afternoon Activities

L.O. To locate and name the continents.


In this afternoon's lesson we will be thinking like Geographers and learning more about our planet. We will be looking at our wonderful story 365 Penguins again which will help us to begin to think about continents and where each one is located.


We will look at the lesson below together on Zoom, but the link to it is here in case you  would like to watch it again.


We are going to learn the names of all seven continents and this song will help us to do that.  You might like to practise after the lesson.


Independent Activity:

Look at the map below, in your exercise book write the numbers 1 to 7 in a line down the page.  Look at the corresponding number on the map and write the name of the correct continent next to the number in your book.  Make sure you spell them correctly as they can be copied from the left hand side of the map.  The first one has the answer written in to help you, but you should write all the answers in your exercise book.

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