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Tuesday 9th February

Tuesday 9th February


9:15 Zoom: Guided Reading-discussion about persuasive texts, MNP run through and task setting. 


This week's Spellings: 

Find out what they mean and write them in a sentence.


1. excellent

2. existence

3. explanation

4. familiar

5. foreign

6. forty

7. frequently

8. government

9. guarantee

10. harass


Morning tasks:

1. Spellings

2. Oak Academy English lesson (Lesson 6) 

3, MNP- Lesson 10, Page 143, 144


You can still complete any of the activities from last week, but here are some other task links: 


Adding and Subtracting fractions 

Ordering and Simplifying fractions (Y6 task) 

Comparing Scalable fractions 

Equivalent Fractions 2

Equivalent Fractions 3


1:30pm Zoom- Marking MNP and History 

In this Zoom, we will mark the MNP Workbook pages from earlier. 


We will then look at a powerpoint on your carbon footprint. you will need to make notes in your orange book. 


After the Zoom, you need to watch the oak academy lesson: here. This is all about climate change: be better and do more. This links with our Sustrans work on improving our local area and becoming more eco friendly. It also links with our current Science topic, as we move to look at how humans have affected different environments. 


During the Oak Academy lesson, you will (if you can!) take part in the investigations in the video. You will need two containers and two small pieces of fruit or vegetables (like half an apple/banana etc). If you haven't got the resources, don't worry. 


Once you have watched the lesson, you can add to your notes about climate change- ready for tomorrow. 

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