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Activities for Thursday 11th February and Friday 12th February

(no zoom due to delivering new packs and 1:1 phonic Zoom sessions)

Practise your reading using Oxford Reading Buddy. Look through the CVC word pwerpoint below and try spelling some of the words. Remember to use your Fred Fingers to spell e.g. 3 Fred fingers to spell; b-l-ow

Count forwards and backwards to 20. Look through the powerpoint and try some of the addition number sentences. 

On Sunday it is Valentines day. A day for celebrating people we love! Have a look at the tasks below and pick one to try at home. 

PE lessons to try at home

PDS are a external sports company that deliver PE lessons throughout Linaker. They have provided us with some dance videos for you to try at home. Have try at completing Week 1 and Week 2. We will share the following weeks after half term. 

Website links to support you at home

There are lots of websites that have useful videos and powerpoints to support children. I will update this page often with new and exciting links for you to click on at home. 

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