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Wanted: The Perfect Pet

Wanted: The Perfect Pet


Not everyone has to go to the pet shop to find their perfect pet. Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Henry. What Henry wanted more than anything in the whole wide world, MORE than chips, MORE than a cowboy costume, MORE than an all-expenses-paid trip to the moon, was a DOG.


Year 2 have really enjoyed reading this lovable tale of adventure and friendship...and the lengths some will go to find it. We have been working hard to adapt the story and create our own version. We are trying hard to use Fiona Robertson's style and remember how she uses commas in her lists.

An Exciting Visitor

We were very lucky to be visited at the beginning of this half term by one of Mrs McFall's 'perfect pets'.... her hen, Bess!  We studied Bess in our Science lesson to help us to explain what makes something a living thing.  We could see that Bess could move, breathe, eat and even expel waste! We're pretty sure that Bess is alive.  Look how much fun we had with her!

A touring hen


Another Special Visit

We were visited later in the week by Mary, from the Blue Cross charity.  She explained to us that the Blue Cross work really hard to help look after animals, keep them safe, make them well when they're poorly and educate humans on how to care for their special pets.  Mary shared with us lots of information about how to look after our lovely animal friends and showed us some products she needs to care for her dog.  This gave us lots of ideas for our Design Technology project (read on for more information!)

We Are Designers

At Linaker we experience a broad and balanced curriculum.  Part of our learning this term is to experience being product designers.  We have shared ideas and designed and innovated a product for a pet.  From week beginning 5th March, we will be making these models and ultimately evaluating the process and the end product.  Any resources which can come in from home to help us with this would be very gratefully received.  Parents are also being invited in to help us to finish off the "making" stage of this project in week beginning 12th March, so keep an eye out for the letter next week!

We have had great fun building our pet products. Take a look at us in action! Our next job is to cover our products. This could be with paper, card, string, paint... It's going to be another messy day! Thank you to the parents that came to help us, your support was invaluable!

Dr Boyle's maths clinic

Today children in Miss Boyle's group visited a maths clinic. Each child had their own prescription which told them the 4 clinics that they needed to visit to 'get better'. The children moved around the surgery visiting four of the six clinics and completing two tasks at each clinic.


At the end of surgery some children were promoted to Drs as they were able to 'convice me' and 'explain how they knew'.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High