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Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944

Wassily Kandinsky

This week our artist is another key artist of the 20th century. Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter and printmaker who was particularly interested in how colour could be used to show emotions in his work. He is thought to be the founder of abstract art because instead of painting a recognisable picture, he painted using colour and shapes.


He also linked music to his work by listening to music whilst he was painting so that his art expressed the notes he heard. It was as though he was painting sounds rather than what he could see. 


This week's art challenge is to draw, paint, cut or create concentric shapes inside each other in the style of Kandinsky. You can do this by drawing round things from your house that are circular in shape or use a compass to draw perfect circles. You can use tissue paper, card, fabric, magazines or anything else you can find to make shapes that fit inside each other. They can become part of a picture like a tree or flowers or just be an art work on their own. If you use felt brush pens or paints you can see the results of colour mixing where two colours overlap.


​​​​​​​Some things are more difficult to draw shapes with - I found it hard drawing the hearts with chalk pastels. The idea is just to have a go with anything you can find and have fun.


Once again please can we ask you send pictures of your work to



Art in the style of Kandinsky

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