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Over the course of this half term, Year 5 students have been creating their own Blog. Our ICT technician, Mr Greco, made us our own Blog Site. This site is only accessible in school and needs a password and username to be accessed.



We then researched some other blogs online- we enjoyed looking at Richard Branson’s adventures! We chose our own topic to write about, or chose to write a ‘diary style’ blog. In lessons we started adding to and editing our own blog online. We learnt how to save our blog, find it and edit it.


In later lessons, we learnt how to save an image and import it into our blog post. We talked about images being both relevant and appropriate.


After we had finished our blogs, we looked at responding to and comment on others’ blogs. We discussed how to respond positively and only writing kind things. This was reinforcing our work from Anti-Bullying week.

A special thanks goes to our ICT Gurus, Connor and Liam, who worked closely with Mr Greco (in their own time!) to create our blog site. They were involved in creating the accounts, choosing the dashboard colour scheme and helping children in lessons. 

Thank you so much you two, you have been a great help! 

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