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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February 


9:15 Zoom: Guided Reading-discussion about persuasive texts, MNP run through and task setting. 


This week's Spellings: 

Fill in the missing letters: 


1. ex_el_ _nt

2. e_ist_nce

3. expla_ _ _ ion

4. fam_ _ _ iar

5. for_ _ _ n

6. f_ _ y

7. freq_ _ ntly

8. gove_ _ ment

9. g_ arant_ _ 

10. ha_ a_ _ 


Morning tasks:

1. Spellings

2. Oak Academy English (Lesson 8)

3, MNP- Lesson 11, Page 145, 146




You can still complete any of the activities from last week, but here are some other task links: 


Adding and Subtracting fractions 

Ordering and Simplifying fractions (Y6 task) 

Comparing Scalable fractions 

Equivalent Fractions 2

Equivalent Fractions 3

Improper and Mixed Numbers


1:30pm Zoom- Marking MNP and Science

Further your understanding by watching this Oak Academy lesson. What impact have humans had on plants and animals?
PM Task- Create a persuasive letter/ poster about reducing our carbon footprint or helping to protect animal habitats. 

Example Poster:

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High