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Wednesday 10th February

Welcome to Wednesday!

Please see below for your home learning activities for today.



Today, we are learning all about the number 4. Can you find the number 4 in your house? Perhaps on a telephone, remote control, calendar, on the clock... see how many you can find.


Click here to learn all about the number 4 from the Numberblocks .


Your activity is to have a go at completing one of the challenges from the worksheet, you can find it here. You can then have a practice writing the number 4 at the bottom of your page.


Extra Challenge

For an extra challenge, you can build your very own number book. Collect a range of 4 objects both indoors and outdoors, for example, you may choose four leaves, four stones, four buttons etc. You can then create your own ‘My Book of 4’, by sticking the objects into a plain-paged book, or by sticking in photos of the objects.

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