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Wednesday 18th November

Wednesday 18th November


New sound 'ay’ ‘may I play’ -remember two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'ay’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Blending - attached powerpoint below that we used. Look at Mrs Howard’s pictures and the letters below the picture - oh no, they are muddled up. You need to help me organise the letters to make the word to match the picture. Think - What sound can you hear first?

Geraldine the Giraffe 'ay’



Home learning morning task ...

Diwali -  learning about how some people celebrate Diwali

Search 'Oak academy' click on 'find lessons' , 'Early Years Foundation stage' , 'Understanding the World' and then  'Diwali' and click on lesson 2. Link attached below.



Counting to 20 video -

Writing numbers 1-10 (speedy!)

Adventures of 8 Powerpoint  - attached below. 

More/ Less interactive game - why not play again at home - 

Draw me 8 things. You will need a pencil and paper. You can draw anything. See if you can label the ‘things’ you draw with numbers 1-8. 


Home learning task for the afternoon...

Oak academy - 'early years foundation stage' - 'maths' , 'numbers within 10' lesson 3 - ‘understanding the conversation of numbers within 8’


Listen to Harold the Hedgehog and his game. Can you play this game with one of your teddies at home? Tell your Teddy the number and clap the number to your teddy. Make your own number cards (similar to the ones on the virtual lesson) 

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