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LO: To be able to recognise, read and write numbers up to 20 in words and numerals.

Today we will be counting objects up to 20. You may need some cubes, counters, crayons or anything else to help you. We will be writing the words to match the numbers. Below you will find a number mat with words and numerals to help you and a tens frame, but you can always draw the tens frame on your whiteboard or in your book.
Task- complete pages 99-102. If you find them difficult just complete the ones you can do, it maybe the first couple of pages.

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon you will need to go onto the Oak Academy website. The link is below. You will see the first lesson Identifying polar habitats. Watch the video and complete the task.

Task- make an igloo. Using any materials at home can find to make an igloo? If you don't have anything to make the igloo then you can draw one in your books. To make the igloo you will need a plastic bottle, marshmallows or cotton wool, glue and scissors. Or you can use a pencil to draw it in your books.

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