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Wednesday 20.01.2021

Wednesday 20th January 2021


Here are this week's spellings: 

Use  'Look, Write, Cover, Check to learn your spellings today. 

There will be a test on Friday as normal. 

1. available

2. average

3. awkward

4. bargain

5. bruise

6. category

7. cemetery

8. committee

9. communicate

10. community



9:15am Zoom- Quiz on apostrophes, sharing of sentences about Oran and independent activity task setting. 


English Activity-  Choose your best sentences from yesterday and facts from the day before to create a Wanted Poster for Oran. Imagine that the authorities are looking for this strange boy who has appeared on Earth. 




Wanted Poster Vocabulary

Grammar Activity- Click here for the second apostrophes session.  




Maths Activity- MNP Unit 5, lesson 6- Line Graphs. 


MyMaths- Click on the links below to access the tasks we have set. These can be used to help you understand your MNP workbook or as an extension task. HINT- if you don't have your MyMaths log-in to hand, click 'practice' to have a go anyway.

Line Graphs

Distance time graphs

Line Graphs and Two-Way Tables

Real-Life Graphs


Mrs Gray/Mr Tilley's Group- The next page in your booklet


1:30pm Zoom- Science- Mark MNP lesson 6, mark last week's Science (adaptation fact files), Class Quiz and set the Oak Academy Adaptation lesson. 


Watch this video and pause and complete the tasks throughout. The independent task is to create your own animal and write/label how it has adapted to its environment. This is all explained on the video. 


Extension- Adaptation sheet- asks you to create an alien. 

Design a Hybrid Animal [Drawing Project]- This might help with your Science activity.

In this video I describe the process of creating a hybrid animal through a drawing exercise. Follow as much of my process as works for you, and remember, hav...

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