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Wednesday 3rd February Ch 9 lesson 1


LO: To be able to compare height and length using key terminology.

In the next few lessons, we will be learning about the basics of length. You will compare lengths and describe whether something is taller, longer, shorter or higher. You will learn how to fairly measure two items for comparison using items and body parts, before moving on to measuring using a ruler.

In today’s lesson we will be comparing heights by using the vocabulary, tall, taller, tallest; short, shorter shortest. We will be learning how we can measure objects fairly. We will be comparing the length of objects using the vocabulary, long, longer, longest; short, shorter.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 153-156


Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we will be doing P.E., we will continue to learn the dance that we have been doing with Helen.  Make sure you are wearing loose clothes, other than that you'll just need a little bit of space to move around in while you follow what is happening on the screen.

After the lesson you will have story time with Mrs Worthington.  To tie in with Mental Health Awareness Week, Mrs Worthington has two stories about feelings.  We will have a vote to choose which one to share. smiley

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