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Wednesday 24th February Ch 10 lesson 3


LO: To be able to understand that digits represent tens and ones; to be able to represent numbers using Base 10 materials and numbers.


Today we will be discussing the term 'digit'. What does this mean? In the number 32 there are 2 digits, 3 and 2. What does each digit stand for? 32 stands for 3 tens and the digit 2 stands for 2 ones. We will be looking at a place value chart and looking at base 10 equipment. There are some resources below to help you.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 7 - 10


Can you help with the beach clean?

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we will be doing P.E., we will start a new set of lessons led by Peter.  Make sure you are wearing loose clothes, other than that you'll need a chair and a small, soft ball or a pair of rolled up socks.  If you have something that you can use as skittles that would be great too, maybe some empty bottles. 

After the lesson we will have story time!


Click here to watch the lesson.

Our story today is called The Messy Magpie. It's a story about looking after our environment.

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