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Wednesday 3rd March Ch 11 lesson 2


LO: To be able to use and apply concepts of how many more and how many fewer/less; to be able to apply number bonds and the guess-and-check method to solve word problems.


Today you will need cubes, counters, or anything else to help you count. For example, I have 6 cubes, how many more will I need to make a block of 10? We will be using number bonds to help us. There is a number bond resource below to help you. 


We will be looking at the commutative property, e.g. 9 – 2 = 7, so 9 – 7 = 2. Remember we looked at this last term when we did our fact families.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 25 - 26


Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we will be doing P.E, we will continue with the set of lessons led by Peter.  Make sure you are wearing loose clothes and have some space to move in.  You will also need;

  • A beanbag or something similar (a rolled up pair of socks or a small cuddly toy will work).
  • Something to use as a marker, maybe a plastic cup or plate.
  • three things to use as targets that your beanbag can be thrown into, maybe empty cardboard boxes,  a bucket, a plastic bowl  or small rubbish bin.  

We will do the lesson together on zoom, alternatively you can follow the link below.


Click here to watch the lesson.


After the lesson you will have story time with Mrs Worthington.  She will be sharing one of her favourite stories with you and telling you about World Book Day tomorrow.

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